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RAM Energy Announcement

Robin Hood Energy, our supply license partner, have recently announced that they’ve agreed a sale of their business to British Gas. Please see the announcement for more details

‌What are smart meters?

Smart meters connect wirelessly to your In Home Display unit (IHD) and RAM Energy customer services.

The IHD unit sits in your home allowing you to see in real time how much energy you are using, this gives you better control over your energy use. 

The smart meter will send your energy supplier updates on your energy use, meaning you no longer need to submit manual meter readings. 

For Pay-As-You-Go customers you also have additional options to top up online or over the phone, meaning you do not have to pop to the shop to top up your card or key anymore. 

What are the benefits of a smart meter?

  • More control over your energy use – smart meters help you keep an eye on your household energy use, this means you can limit consumption of energy guzzling appliances and use them more efficiently.
  • Increased information over your energy spending – your smart meter will display your current spending for credit customers as well as your credit levels if you are a Pay-As-You-Go customer. You can also programme your IHD to warm you if you are approaching a credit limit.
  • Flexibility to top-up – you can use your smart Pay-As-You-Go card to top-up online, over the phone or at your nearest PayPoint retailer.

Using your smart meter

Get further information on RAM Energy smart meters by downloading our Smart Meter User Guide.

Smart metering installation code of practice

The smart metering code of practice (SMICOP) is the set of rules or standards that all energy suppliers must follow when installing a new smart meter. You can download the full SMICOP June 2018 guide or find out more on the SMICoP website.

How can I get a free smart meter? 

As a RAM Energy customer you can request a smart meter installation by completing the Smart Meter Request Form on our partner Robin Hood Energy's website. You simply need to provide your name, address and account number. You will be contacted within 6 months to have your appointment booked, perhaps sooner if we have engineers in the area. You'll also receive a free In Home Display Unit with your new smart meter. If you have any questions please give us a call or send us an email. 

We can currently add you to the list if you are a dual fuel or electricity only customer. We currently aren't able to add you to our list if RAM Energy only supplies your gas, we'll update this page when we can so pop back to check this page soon.