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RAM Energy Announcement

Robin Hood Energy, our supply license partner, have recently announced that they’ve agreed a sale of their business to British Gas. Please see the announcement for more details

  • Getting a quote that's tailored to your business

    How will we work out your quote? 

    Our tariffs can change as the gas and electricity markets fluctuate. When you ask for a quote, we will give you the best tariff we can offer you at the time and offer you a fixed price for a whole year. 

    We will base our quotation on how much gas and electricity your business uses in a year and multiply this by the tariff unit rate. There will also be some other costs, these depend on a range of factors including transportation costs and the type of meter(s) you have. 


    What information do we need to give you a quote? 

    To give you an accurate quote we'll ask you for the below information:

    • Fuel - gas/electricity/both.
    • MPRN - 11 digit number found on your gas meter.
    • MPAN - 21 digit number found on your electric meter.
    • Annual gas usage.
    • Annual electric usage.
    • Day rate/standard in kWh.
    • Night rate (if applicable) in kWh.
    • Evening/weekend rate (if applicable) in kWh.


    What should our VAT rate be? 

    You'll be eligible for the 5% VAT rate if:

    • You're running a non-profit-making organisation such as a charity or hospital. 
    • Your site consumes less than 4,397kWh (gas) or 1,000kWh (electricity) in any given month. This is automatically calculated on your bill.
    • You hold a valid exemption certificate.

    All other businesses must pay the standard 20% VAT rate. 

  • Price plans for gas and electricity

    How will you decide on a tariff? 

    When you ask us for a quote we will give you a fixed price for a whole year. We will base our cost on the best plan we can offer you at the time, based on how much gas and electricity you use and other factors. 


    Deemed Rates

    If your business moves into a premise which is supplied by RAM Energy, or our supply partner Robin Hood Energy, and you have not agreed a contract with us, you will be placed on to our 'deemed rates'. Here are the details which apply to our deemed rates

    If you would like to enter into a contract with us at any time give us a call on 0800 952 0335


    Out of Contract Rates

    If you terminate your contract within your notice period but do not switch supplier, we will apply our out of contract prices from when your price plan ends. Similarly, if your contract ends and you haven't placed a termination notice, you will revert to our out of contract rates. Here are the details which apply to our Out of Contract Rates

  • Moving premises - take RAM Energy with you

    It is easy to transfer RAM Energy, or our supply partner Robin Hood Energy, from one business premises to another - just tell us the details of your move and we will take care of everything for you. This will take up to four weeks to complete.

    Before you move, contact your account manager or call our business team on 0800 952 0335 to let us know the details of your move and whether you would like us to supply energy at your new site. You need to send your company name, site address, meter readings from your old site and your new site, the date occupancy is changing and a forwarding address to businessenergy@ramenergy.co.uk and we will let you know when the switch is complete. 

  • Customer Support

    Our customers are really important to us at RAM Energy. When we launched our key aims have always been to provide excellent customer service whilst offering the cheapest energy we can. 

    As a business customer you will be given your own account manager, who will get to know you and your business and work with you throughout the process of setting up your account. They will be here to advise you on the tariffs and help you out with any questions or issues you might have. 

    As part of our commitment to reducing you energy bills, we can also give you advice on ways to use energy more efficiently at work. This could be small changes like remembering to switch lights off before you leave the building at night, or investing in smart appliances or controls. 

  • Home Energy

    If you are considering RAM Energy for your business, why not see what we could save you at home too? There is a choice of monthly and pay-as-you-go billing to help you keep on top of your bills and we guarentee to offer you the lowest tariff that meets your needs. Get a quote today